Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Bestsellers
Heart and circulatory system Your circulatory system continues to expand rapidly, and the result is a lowering of your blood pressure.
Be aware that you may experience dizziness or faintness during hot weather or when you’re taking a hot bath or shower.
You may notice that you’re breathing slightly faster these days than before you became pregnant. You may also start experiencing shortness of breath.
The increased blood flow throughout your body may be causing some new unpleasant side effects in your nose and gums — congestion troubles resulting from extra blood flowing through your veins and arteries.
Skin A common occurrence of pregnancy is skin darkening. You may be noticing darker areas of skin on
Weight gain You’ll probably gain about half a pound a week this month, for a total of about 2 pounds. Don’t be surprised if your weight gain varies somewhat, with you gaining more weight one week and less the next.
Feeling productive Strike while the iron is hot. While your mood and energy are up, start taking care of the “housekeeping” details of pregnancy. If you’re interested in childbirth classes for you and your partner, now is the time to investigate your options. Now may also be a good time to familiarize yourself with maternity and paternity leave policies.
Therefore, when your baby swallows amniotic fluid containing urine, it is not a problem.